Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Natural Remedy

O.K, this is something I swear by.  I am not a salesman but I could sell the hell out of this.  I love the Arnica Patches by Natural Patches of Vermont.  I first discovered them while at a conference in the Ritz Carlton Spa in South Beach, FL.  My Fibromyalgia was acting up when I saw these, I'm always up for trying something new.  Within 30 minutes of putting this patch on, the pain went away.  I know everyone is different so we all have to discover our own ways.  But this is beyond Awesome for me.  It's an herbal patch that you place right over the pain.  It lasts about 12 hours.  I've only used them when I knew I wouldn't be running around because they are adhesive and will slip if you start sweating a lot.  The day I discovered them, my knees and ankles were particularly bothering me.  I cut 2 patches in half and placed one half on each knee and ankle.  Presto!  Pain went away.  I like to try alternative methods, medications often stop working and the side effects are not so fun.  Plus, I'd like to spare my kidneys and liver for a bit longer.  You can buy these patches straight from their website.  They offer a variety of herbal patches for different things, Arnica is the one that works for me.  http://www.naturalpatchesofvermont.com/arnica .  Love This!  Also if you happen to be in South Beach, visit the Ritz Carlton Spa, they carry them  http://www.ritzcarlton.com/en/Properties/SouthBeach/Spa/Default.htm .  I found a store in Lafayette, LA, Remedies, that carries these patches also.  http://www.remediesforlife.com/c-3-neck-back.aspx .  Try it out, it just may work for you.  On that note, I need to go get some. 


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